African car brands

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African car brands

Laraki Epitome

Laraki Epitome ( Morocco)


Madagascar car brand


The Karenjy Mazana II is a vehicle designed for Madagascar. It took five years of development to adapt it perfectly to the needs of the country. For example, to the roads in very poor condition and inaccessible paths. It's characterized by a simple, economical and efficient design. It's really easy to repair and is optimally manufactured, without unnecessary equipment. The Karenjy Mazana stands out for its large loading capacity and its ability to go across difficult tracks. Thanks to its short, sloping hood, it is easy to spot an obstacle on the ground from the driving position.

Since 2014, different prototypes have been rolling in Madagascar and France to test the concept and it was released to the public in 2017. 


Kenya car brand


Mobius II is manufactured in Kenya for Africa. The sturdy space frame and suspension, as well as a proven engine enable durability to reliably handle rough roads. Mobius has redesigned this car to meet the unique needs of African inhabitants. Its core structural element is a sturdy steel space frame mounted on the chassis of a longitudinal ladder. Combined with a sealed solid rear axle that lowers the center of gravity, this structure supports excellent vehicle handling while still maintaining high ground clearance. The tried-and-tested engine and transmission system are designed to provide solid traction and are suitable for driving on heavy, rugged roads. The powertrain has been specially tested and calibrated under Kenyan roads and weather conditions. A sturdy suspension is the key to reliable driving in the changing road terrain of Africa. Mobius II is fitted with a tailored double wishbone coil spring suspension at the front, and movable axle leaf spring suspension at the rear. This set-up allows responsive vehicle performance without harming load capacity for heavier goods

Oryx Motors

Algeria car brand

Oryx Timgad

Oryx Motors is a car manufacturer from Algeria. With this pickup, Algeria set out to demonstrate its capabilities as a technological country. For this, Algeria was acquiring know-how from world-class automotive engineering firms and suppliers in order to design and produce its own models.

To develop the Oryx Timgad they needed three generations of prototypes, tens of thousands of engineering hours and three years of development. The Oryx Timgad is a 2-door Pick-up, fitted with a PSA 1600cc petrol engine. It's designed to be a robust, reliable, affordable vehicle.


South Africa car brand

Harper type5

Harper Sports Cars was originally founded to offer the world a high performance sports car.

The Harper Type 5 and Type 6 Sports Cars are a South African designed and built mid engine sports car intended for use on the street and race track.

They can be supplied in fully built turnkey form locally or for export. Right or left hand drive versions can be ordered with a range of engine and specification options which are all meant for normal road use, as well as being competitive on the race track.

The basic 2.0 litre Turbo model offers 400 bhp/ton performance or upgrade to V6 or V8 cylinder turbo’s with the sky being the limit. The weight of this car is 685kg of average with a power of 175 hp

Kiira Motors

Uganda car brand

Kiira EV

The Kiira EV Smack is designed in Uganda to utilise a series hybrid powertrain architecture enabling the vehicle to deliver a range bound to the availability of fuel in the tank along with an all electric range of 32km for urban cycle at zero emission. The Kiira EV Smack is a hybrid car fitted with an electric traction motor, powered by a rechargeable battery pack and an internal combustion engine. This configuration of the two power sources ensures a high range and improves the efficiency of the power system, thereby improving fuel economy. 

The Kiira EV is equipped with user friendly tools that enhance the driving-experience with remarkable features such as Push to Start System, Smart Keyless Access Control System, Parking Assist with Rear View Camera and an advanced Multimedia System that enables you to make hands free calls and is greatly compatible with a wide variety of smart phones. These technologies provide the customer with comfort, convenience and a wealth of information about the state of the car right at their fingertips. 

This innovative and iterative development plan aims to achieve relevant and beneficial institutionalization of the Uganda automotive industry. 

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing

Nigeria car brand

Innoson g80

Innoson is a Nigerian car manufacturer founded in 2007, currently has more than 10 different car models, including SUVs, pickups and a utility sedan. It also stands out for the manufacture of buses. 

70% of car parts are produced locally in Nigeria, only the remaining 30% are exported from China, Japan and Germany. They are widely used in West African countries.

Innoson G80  (IVM G80) stands out for its awesome mix of advanced technology, bold styling and powerful performance. Thanks to this car, Nigeria proves that it's capable of producing a luxurious and dynamic SUV that combines perfectly steering response, driving comfort and performance.

Innoson G80 is designed to provide maximum space and comfort. It's equipped with a 2.4L petrol engine with mature technology and strong power and reliability. It's also equipped with an electronic anti-theft system to enhance vehicle safety. In dangerous situations such as emergency braking and sharp turns, the system can ultimately control the braking force of each wheel. The sophisticated engine torque protection system makes driving safer and more secure.


Tunisian car brand

Wallys Iris

Wallys Iris is a Tunisian car for leisure and daily use. Wallys Iris hides its authentic character under its design and urban manners. Wallys Iris is fitted with the PSA  EB2 engine to reduce everything: size, emissions and fuel consumption, while improving performance and bringing incredible driving pleasure.

 Like all Wallys, Iris is designed to be the safest vehicle in its class. The low center of gravity, solid body structure and large crumple zone provide a very high protection. 

Lightweight and economical, it is also very solid due to the 100% hand-made fiberglass body. ​ Its structure is wrapped in a rigid steel and welded steel cage to protect the occupants in the event of an impact. Wallys Iris is fitted with a central roll bar, brake distribution system, ABS and an oversized body made entirely of fiberglass. The frame is composed of galvanized steel structure to ensure maximum stability and deformation in case of accident. Wallys Iris is a really affordable car, from 14,000 USD (11,580 € approx)

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