Audi SQ5 TDI 2021 UK review

Posted in CAR NEWS on August 1, 2021

Less convincing is the augmented exhaust note, which is both piped into the cabin and outwardly at the rear of the car. It sounds fairly convincing inside, but can’t mask the less harmonious noise coming from under the bonnet. The engine may have the smoothness of six cylinders, yet it's still very much a diesel. There's more fakery when you get close to the four chrome-tipped exhaust pipes, which might look the part but hide the real tailpipes behind the rear bumper.

The quattro all-wheel drive system ensures there’s ample traction in all conditions, and the car controls its body movements well through corners. It’s reassuringly predictable in its reaction to your inputs, at the expense of real driver engagement. The variable ratio steering, which feels unnaturally light for low-speed manoeuvres, weights up nicely at more extreme angles but provides little in the way of feedback. 

This car is at its best as a long-distance cruiser, able to get up to speed with minimal effort and little drama. The smoothly integrated mild-hybrid system allows for engine-off coasting in Efficiency mode, and although an average fuel economy in the low 30s isn’t much to write home about, it’s still good for a country-spanning 600 miles on a cruise.

It’s surprisingly comfortable for a performance-focused machine riding on 20in alloy wheels, too. The SQ5 has a remarkably composed ride, coping well with rougher B-roads and delivering largely smooth sailing on newer Tarmac. Dynamic mode does add an extra degree of firmness, but not so much that you’ll want to swap into Comfort the moment you leave the motorway. 

Inside the cabin, front occupants will appreciate the cosy sports seats, which give an expansive view of the road ahead. Rear passengers will benefit from the SQ5’s extra head room over the swoopier Sportback variant, and the boot has a greater luggage capacity - although the difference between the two isn’t as big as you might think. Read more at: Best Sport Cars