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Driving your dream

Inferno Exotic Car

Posted in Driving Your Dream on December 13, 2021

Inferno Exotic Car Inferno Exotic Car Mexico and Italy have teamed up to create this exotic car that can reach 100 km/h in just 2.1 seconds. This version launched in late 2021 has a 1330hp biturbo V8 engine. Inferno Exotic car became famous for its appearance in the  video game Asphalt 9: Legends. Hundreds of exotic car fans have been eagerly looking forward to the real release of this model made of foam metal; an exclusive material of the Read More »

What is an exotic car?

Posted in Driving Your Dream, Uncategorized on November 28, 2021

What makes a car exotic The word Exotic car is used to describe many vehicles with various functions that make a car unique or truly outstanding.  Exotic cars are usually rare in terms of cost, efficiency, and accessibility; but they are not always about supercars. They are identified as cars that have an unusual appearance and are usually not suitable for a broad market audience of buyers.  Many people think that exotic cars need a limited Read More »

All Car brands in the world

Posted in Driving Your Dream on November 26, 2021

all car brands in the world List of all car brands ​We have compiled an extensive list of all the automakers over the years and many hours of research. We have been locating new exotic car brands since 2016. This is the largest compilation of automotive brands in current production in the world.  ​Our full list of automakers contains more than 3.300 active car brands. We probably missed some exotic car brands, if you want Read More »

Ve Zero

Posted in Driving Your Dream on November 24, 2021

Ve-Zero Vero Zero is an electric hot rod, that might seem contradictory. A French hot rod, just as much. Yet this is what the Quelet company offers with the Ve-Zero, designed by designer Philippe Chalot. The name of Quelet may not ring a bell, but it is a company based in Dampierre-les-Bois (Doubs) specializing in composite materials and which supplies PSA in particular.  We also owe him the Smarlinette, a modern reinterpretation of the original Read More »

Edison Future EF1-T

Posted in Driving Your Dream on November 24, 2021

Edison Future EF1-T Edison Future EF1-T is a robust and modern multi-purpose pickup concept. It's designed to work in all types of conditions, from the city streets to off-road.  It is designed with utility in mind, it has many cool features. For example, a toolbox in the rear passenger door. It has a kind of armadillo shell. It's a retractable roof that has integrated solar panels. These solar panels provide an extra autonomy, between 15km and Read More »

Kurek GTS - GT7

Posted in Driving Your Dream on November 3, 2021

Kurek GTS / GT7 Lightweight design for a lighter world Figure 1 : Art graphics by Ulrike Heppel (Source: AMC) Since 1970, Heinz Kurek, an Original Equipment Manufacturer registered in the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (Deutsches Kraftfahrt Bundesamt, KBA) has been building different sports prototypes that are approved for the public road traffic. The Financial Times Deutschland writes: "Enzo Ferrari was still able to design and assemble the cars himself according to his wishes. Read More »

XEV Yoyo

Posted in Driving Your Dream on November 3, 2021

XEV Yoyo XEV was started with the vision of making urban mobility cheaper, more suitable and ultimately more fun and personal. They wanted to create a vehicle that put the customer at the centre of attention with the goal of creating the ultimate user experience. XEV designed the Yoyo focused on three key targets that the company felt needed addressing: Environment, convenience and individuality. XEV analysed vehicle usage trends across the globe and decided that Read More »

Spyros Panopoulos Chaos

Posted in Driving Your Dream on November 2, 2021

Spyros Panopoulos Chaos Spyros Panopoulos Chaos is a super car entirely built in Greece. Panopoulos is also eager to introduce a new kind of category to the world: the "ultra car". Spyros Panopoulos Automotive was founded in 2019 with the goal of making some of the fastest and most innovative cars in the world.  The car will be powered by the innovative V-10 engine, which can produce 3,065 hp. It rockets from a standstill to Read More »

Adess T3EV

Posted in Driving Your Dream, Uncategorized on October 14, 2021

Adess T3EV Adess T3EV is an all-electric race car, manufactured and designed in Portugal. All-electric T3EV will participate in SSV off-road championships and help promote sustainable racing. For example, in the prologue circuit of FPAK Baja TT Capital dos Vinhos de Portugal, to show the world of motorsport a small preview of the future of electric off-road racing. Two highly efficient electric engines provide 200kW of each axis, with a total power of 535bhp. The battery Read More »

Bermat GT

Posted in Driving Your Dream on October 11, 2021

Bermat GT Bermat is a new Italian exotic car manufacturer, and has just introduced an authentic track-focused missile, designed by Camal and developed in collaboration with JAS Motorsport. This first model is the Bermat GT-Pista, it will be completely track-focused, and then road-legal models will be launched, both an electric version and an internal combustion one. Fundamental to the Bermat GT's appeal is its 2.0-litre supercharged petrol engine, which is capable of generating between 320-400 hp, Read More »

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