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Driving your dream

Fering Pioneer

Posted in Driving Your Dream on September 20, 2021

Fering Pioneer A brand-new British company has launched an adventure vehicle that broke the rulebook with a sustainable electric pickup truck designed to handle the toughest terrain.  Fering Pioneer is the creation of former Ferrari and McLaren engineer Ben Scott-Geddes, who repurposed supercar and racing technology to provide environmental responsibility and unparalleled off-road capabilities for the most extreme adventures.  Despite its appearance, the Fering Pioneer is no bigger than a typical delivery van. Its weight Read More »

Radial engine, a new way of making engines

Posted in Driving Your Dream on September 17, 2021

Radical Motion, Radial engine The revolutionary new Radial Motion engine is now available for order. Radial Motion, headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, is an engine manufacturer from concept to product, specializing in innovative design for automotive and aviation applications. Radial engines were initially developed for aeronautical use, and now, Radial Motion offers equally comfortable performance at ground level, with the first customer engine being fitted to an Outlaw Porsche 356 racer built by well-known Australian Porsche Read More »

Exotic North-American sports cars

Posted in Driving Your Dream on September 15, 2021

Exotic North-American sports cars Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Saleen 1 The Saleen 1 builds on the legacy of the revolutionary Saleen S7, in the main picture. The achievements of the S7 are well known in the motor world. The Saleen 1 design is the perfect blend of timeless hours dedicated to creating a really awesome car. The Saleen 1 is a car that is not only pleasing to look at but purposely built, saving weight Read More »

Smit Oletha Coupe, The Z8 that BMW never made

Posted in Driving Your Dream, Uncategorized on September 14, 2021

Smit Oletha Coupe This is the Smit Oletha Coupe, a fixed-roof body car similar in appearance to the BMW Z8, including a new carbon fiber handcrafted body with a lifting spoiler with electric actuators. There are 3D printed parts made of metal, composites or plastic everywhere. ​The brand didn't specify which car it's based on, but it may be based on the 2006 Z4 Coupé (E86).  ​The factory’s Z8 uses an M5 (E39) 400-horsepower 5-liter naturally Read More »

Dune buggies builders

Posted in Driving Your Dream on September 14, 2021

Dune buggies builders Meyers Manx . Source: VW Newsroom The first dune buggies were Beetle frames where the body was removed. ​Because of its rear-mounted engine, the Beetle is often used in dune vehicles. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, vehicles were often seen along the California beaches. In 1958, Daniel Rettig, built a short flat car using a Beetle chassis. He was one of many people who made these off-road vehicles at the time. ​A Volkswagen Read More »

Five Ferraris Recreations You Should Know About

Posted in Driving Your Dream on September 13, 2021

Ferrari Recreation Manufacturers ​We previously saw all the Ferrari replica manufacturers that currently exist, in which we can see several high-quality manufacturers. Many of them employ traditional methods, including original Ferrari donor spare parts ​Fiorano Type 48 Corsa Spyder ​Fiorano Type 48 Corsa Spyder is the master piece of designer Alan Hooper. His dream is to create a unique car with all the nostalgia of a 40's race cars, but at a fraction of the Read More »

All Japanese Car Brands List

Posted in Driving Your Dream on September 8, 2021

All Japanese Car Brands List Phiaro P75 Cypher At drivingyourdream we bring you a complete list of Japanese car brands, since we study almost all car brands in the world. We're dedicated to low volume car brands and to offer free automotive design courses. Japan is one of the best-established players in the world in automobile industry, in fact, Japan has been one of the three largest automobile producer countries since the 1960s. Japan is the Read More »

Rock-crawlers, SUVs to the limit

Posted in Driving Your Dream, Uncategorized on September 5, 2021

Rock Crawlers Source: W.E. Rock (World Extreme Rock Crawling) ​Discover off-road cars at a new level, maximizing off-road capabilities to unprecedented limits. They're so-called rock-crawlers, extreme all-terrain vehicles capable of overcoming any mountainous terrain.​ Gheo Predator ​Ghe-o Predator is designed to be agile, stable, with a great visibility, 50%-50% weight distribution, and proper power and weight balance to provide a significant advantage in a competition environment. The design of Ghe-o Predator is close to the Read More »

Car brands of the future, autonomous vehicles

Posted in Driving Your Dream on September 5, 2021

Car brands of the future Zoox Zoox designed a fully functional, electric, autonomous vehicle that is designed for dense, urban environments. Zoox showcase a driving, purpose built robotaxi capable of operating up to 75 miles per hour (about 120km/h). Since its inception in 2014, Zoox has combined artificial intelligence, robotics, vehicle design, and sustainable energy to bring its vision of reinventing personal transportation to life — making the future safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable for Read More »

New Morgan 3Wheeler

Posted in Driving Your Dream on September 2, 2021

New Morgan 3Wheeler Morgan Motor Company is developing a new three-wheeled car to replace the current Morgan 3 Wheeler. The final design is kept secret, but Morgan has released photos of pre-production prototypes undergoing durability testing. Its testing and durability program marks the most extensive verification ever developed by Morgan. The new three-wheeled model will be inspired by the early jet era, and will keep an adventurous character. Up front, we see three large slats that likely Read More »

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