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Restoring Classic Cars and Their Undying Popularity

Posted in LUXURY CARS on June 8, 2021
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Once thought of as the hobby of the baby boomer generation looking to own a nostalgic part of their youth, the classic car industry was expected to eventually perish alongside these boomers. Fortunately however, it seems that the industry is being saved by young millennials who have, unexpectedly, begun collecting vintage automotive, built long before they were even born. According to Craig Jackson, CEO and chairman of Barrett-Jackson, an auction house specialising in classic cars, Read More »

Rolls-Royce Unveils New Bespoke Boat Tail

Posted in LUXURY CARS on June 1, 2021
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The brainchild of three die-hard fans and the esteemed marque’s new Coachbuild program, the Boat Tail is one of Rolls-Royce’s most interesting models to date. Crafted using a traditional technique known as coachbuilding, the new automotive takes cues from the hull of a J-class yacht, with the nautical influence clearly seen in its distinctive rear end. Like any Rolls-Royce, it’s packed with a range of exquisite features serving to enhance the car’s beauty and user Read More »

Top Luxurious Electric Cars in 2021

Posted in LUXURY CARS on May 31, 2021
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You’d be forgiven for thinking that electric cars and luxury mixes like water and oil, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth in 2021. These cars are here to stay and take their share of the luxury market that all started with Tesla. However, such luxury vehicles can get expensive, that’s why you can apply for finance to make them much more affordable. In Singapore, the government has set an audacious goal of eliminating petrol vehicles Read More »

The World’s Most Expensive Car is Finally Ready

Posted in LUXURY CARS on May 19, 2021
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Petrolicious The French marque made waves two years ago at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show when it unveiled a one-off hypercar built to celebrate its 110th anniversary. It was dubbed, “La Voiture Noire” (The Black Car). The car that was showcased then was of course just a design concept, it wasn’t even a working prototype and Bugatti said then it would require about 18 to 24 more months of development. Since Read More »

The Uprising of AIs and Self-Driving Cars

Posted in BMW, LUXURY CARS on May 17, 2021
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Image Credit: Courtesy of GizmoChina Years ago, advances in luxury cars largely revolved around ever-greater speed and ease of control. Then came the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), marketed as the cleaner way to get around and appealing to environmentally conscious drivers. However, in a world of increasingly short attentions spans, it wasn’t long before consumers started looking for the next big thing in automotives. In the second decade of the 21st century, development of Read More »

Ferrari Presents Some Serious Competizione

Posted in LUXURY CARS on May 11, 2021
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On 5 May 2021, Ferrari presented two variants of the new 812 Competizione in a live broadcast event on all of the marque’s social media channels. It took place at the newly opened GT Sporting Activities Department, next to the iconic Fiorano track, to highlight Ferrari’s links to racing. While pictures of the Competizione had already been teased prior to the reveal, the open-top Competizione A (Aperta) was a pleasant surprise for car enthusiasts the Read More »

Rolls-Royce Collaborates with Hermès to Create Bespoke Phantom Oribe

Posted in LUXURY CARS on April 29, 2021
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Rolls-Royce’s latest bespoke creation was commissioned by Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa, an entrepreneur, art collector and lover of supercars. The Phantom Oribe was envisioned as part of a pair; a “land jet” meant to complement his newly commissioned private jet. It seems that good things come in pairs for Maezawa. He ordered a new car and a private jet, and comissioned two iconic brands to bring his latest project to life. This special automobile represents Read More »

Transparency and The Automotive Industry

Posted in LUXURY CARS on April 27, 2021
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Polestar In September of 2020, Swedish electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Polestar called on other automakers to be more transparent about their supply chain and production processes. According to Polestar’s CEO, Thomas Ingenlath, the industry hasn’t been the most forthcoming with its consumers regarding the environmental impacts of their products. “That’s not good enough. We need to be honest, even if it makes for uncomfortable reading,” he commented on the subject. We Read More »

3 Reasons Buying a Luxury Car Is an Investment

Posted in LUXURY CARS on April 26, 2021
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Whether it is a Ferrari, an Audi or a Mercedes Benz, most of us have our sights set on owning a luxury car at some point in our lives. However, in the aftermath of an economic downturn, people are reluctant to fork out on frivolous expenses like this when circumstances dictate we are at risk of losing jobs and struggling to make ends meet. However, a car is much more than a luxury item; a car Read More »

Ferrari Teases Special Version of its 812 Superfast

Posted in LUXURY CARS on April 23, 2021
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On 21 April, the world got its first glimpse of Ferrari’s latest sports car through 6 images released by the marque. This was done in the build-up to the world premiere of its latest model.  According to Ferrari, the car is based on the iconic 812 Superfast, but redesigned to take performance to new heights. Combining a revised architectural design with the latest iteration of its acclaimed V12 engine, this model is reportedly the epitome Read More »