Chevrolet revives the big-block V8 for its 2022 COPO Camaro

Posted in REVIEWS on July 30, 2021

The COPO Camaro returns for 2022 with a big-block V8 option, repositioning the purpose-built drag racing nameplate that was inspired by the street-legal COPO package originally offered back in 1969. 

The 572-cubic-inch monster is the largest (but at 430 horsepower, the least potent) V8 in a lineup that also includes a 580-horsepower supercharged 350ci and 470-hp naturally aspirated 427ci. Conveniently, the big-block comes in at an appropriately lower price point, starting at just $105,500; the 427 checks in at $117,500 (same as in 2020) and the supercharged 350 starts at $130,000. Since the COPO is sold as a part rather than an actual vehicle, it has no VIN. That means it can't legally be registered for street use.

Chevy revived the COPO program for the 2012 model year but limited it to just 69 units per year (in honor of the year it was born). When it returned for the sixth-generation Camaro, Chevrolet decided to remove the cap on the number of COPOs built each year. That wasn't much of a restriction, as it turns out; Chevy says it has built fewer than 700 of them since its resurrection. 

That built-to-order, first-come-first-served approach continues for 2022. Interested buyers can submit an order form via Chevy's web site Read more at: Best Sport Cars