Fering Pioneer

Posted in Driving Your Dream on September 20, 2021

Fering Pioneer

Fering pioneer

A brand-new British company has launched an adventure vehicle that broke the rulebook with a sustainable electric pickup truck designed to handle the toughest terrain. 

Fering Pioneer is the creation of former Ferrari and McLaren engineer Ben Scott-Geddes, who repurposed supercar and racing technology to provide environmental responsibility and unparalleled off-road capabilities for the most extreme adventures. 

Despite its appearance, the Fering Pioneer is no bigger than a typical delivery van. Its weight is also the same as that of a family hatchback, 1500kgs. 

This is achieved by using an aluminum space frame with composite elements, while the exterior panels are made of tough fabric. This material is similar to the canvas in high-end hiking boots. It's very resistant to external damage, is easy to replace and it's a great insulator. 

Nevertheless, Pioneer can carry its own weight as a payload, with a capacity of 1,500 kg.

Fering pioneer

The power is provided entirely by two electric motors-which is unusual for off-road vehicles. But they are well suited for this task, providing instant torque. They provide a total of 600 Nm of torque.

The battery can provide about 80,5 kms of zero local emissions, pure electric range. Then you can use Pioneer’s range extender generator, allowing you to continue to the end of your adventure.

Pioneer’s batteries are different from what you find in traditional EVs because the usual lithium-ion chemistry can be significantly affected by extreme weather. Instead, Fering uses more sophisticated lithium titanate batteries, which are designed to survive extreme weather conditions.​

​For longer adventures, Fering Pioneer has a 800cc 3-cylinder range extender internal combustion engine powered by biodiesel. 

The battery can meet peak power demands, for example, climbing a mountain-using energy reserves, and then replenish this energy when the vehicle is cruising, stationary or braking. Efficiency also means that pioneers can have incredible off-road capabilities and can survive expeditions in remote areas without worrying about refueling. 

With the long-range fuel tank installed, Fering will be able to travel 7,000 kilometers without stopping refueling or charging from the grid. If the mission doesn't require such an extreme range, the tank can be replaced with water to provide it during the mission. 

Fering Pioneer is designed to be easily modified or upgraded,for example, using alcohol fuel engines in Brazil or using fuel cells in Asia. The combination of battery and generator also makes Pioneer an ideal choice for emergency service use.

​Fering Pioneer is a box of surprises, it's really well designed for any expedition or adventure. Another example: It's equipped with 22.5-inch wheels, but is cleverly designed to accept standard-size truck tires to ensure easy availability in the most remote areas of the world.

The first Pioneer expected to be on the road during the first half of 2022.
Fering Pioneer price: Starting at £150,000 (€175.530 approx.)

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