How Myenergi became key player in EV charging game

Posted in CAR NEWS on August 1, 2021

How do you keep up with that kind of growth?

“Back then, we were soldering by hand. Today, we have a new production line making 1500 Zappis per week. The rough maths is that we have 10-15% of the market at the moment, which is a pretty good place to be a few years later and an even better place to be when you consider the rate at which the market is growing.

“It has been wild, and we’re not done yet. There’s a new production line being built ready for launch next month, and from then on we will be shipping 3000 units per week.

“And our ambitions don’t end there. Today, we have more than 200 employees, and we’re adding almost one per day at the moment.

“We have subsidiaries in Germany and Benelux and we have our eyes on France and the US. There’s more to come.”

How big can Myenergi get?

“The opportunity is immense. The world is at various stages of switching to electric, for heating, transport and more. It’s a huge undertaking, and it’s not just about making the switch but doing it sustainably so that we don’t end up in the environmental situation we started in. There’s a gap to bridge between renewables and electrification.

“Our passion is self- generated power, be it from installing solar panels on the roof or connecting you to a sustainable energy provider. It’s why we don’t just focus on EV charging but rather the sustainability of the whole home. That also means that we aren’t limited in the products we offer; if it bridges that gap, we want to be there.”

What makes your company different?

“Lee, frankly. He has been at the sharp end of installing this equipment, so he has designed it with the technician and customer in mind. He understands that it’s no good designing the best kit in the world if it’s impossible to install.

“That extends to how we work with our supply chain, too. It has grown significantly, and their needs are at the heart of ours. It’s an ecosystem, and our philosophy is to consider them as part of our business. Read more at: Best Sport Cars