Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 hits public roads for the first time

Posted in CAR NEWS on January 25, 2022

Q&A: Mitja Borkert, director, Lamborghini Centro Stile

Were you nervous before you showed the design to [original Countach designer] Marcello Gandini?

“Like a young boy! For me, Marcello Gandini is the greatest. I was happy when he liked the car, and he has said that he likes that I'm taking his philosophy into the future – that I'm studying his designs. For me, his style remains the ideal one.”

CEO Stefan Winklemann is on the record as hating retro design, what was his reaction when he returned to Lamborghini to discover the project was underway?

“Let me say that the work began before Stefan Winkelmann, but we have finished the car with Stefan Winkelmann. If he didn’t like it, it wouldn't have happened… Most of the work was done in the lockdown period, which was a huge complication: I was in Germany, I had designers in Sant’Agata and others in the south of Italy, Korea and the US. There were lots of online meetings and 3D printing.” 

How do you pay homage without creating a pastiche?

“I always hear the retro discussion but, in my opinion, if a designer is doing it in a good way, a true modern interpretation, it's absolutely fine, and the Countach is this. I was in love with the 2005 Ford GT – a car that I'm really lusting for. Then at Porsche, I worked on the 917 Concept and the 904 Living Legend, also the 911 Safari. They were celebrating the past with a modernistic approach. When I went to Lamborghini, I had this idea of doing a Countach, one inspired by the same philosophy of celebrating the past without being trapped in it. Read more at: Best Sport Cars