Mitsubishi is auctioning its entire UK heritage fleet with no reserve

Posted in REVIEWS on April 2, 2021

Mitsubishi will exit the United Kingdom in the fall of 2021 after struggling for several years, and its losses can be your gain. Before it leaves, it will auction its fleet of 14 beautifully-preserved classic models with no reserve.

There are 14 classics that need a new home, and the collection includes something for everyone. Enthusiasts can bid on a 1974 Lancer 1400 that stands out as the first Mitsubishi ever registered in the United Kingdom. It was displayed at the 1974 edition of the British Motor Show, and it's bid to 15,000 pounds (around $20,800) as of writing. Another 47-year-old classic is a Colt Galant 2.0 imported to the United Kingdom in the spring of 1974 and used as a demonstrator to recruit dealers. It's currently sitting at 5,000 pounds, which represents about $7,000.

For something quicker, there are several versions of the Lancer Evolution to choose from. One is a 2001 model signed by pilot Tommi Makinen. Another is a 2015 FQ-440 MR, a limited-edition model built in 40 examples to send off the nameplate. There is also a 2008 Evo, and a 2007 model built to Group N rally specifications. It competed in the British Rally Championship in 2007 and 2008. Alternatively, a Galant-based rally car is up for grabs, too.

Coupes are relatively well represented, with a 1988 Starion whose engine was recently overhauled, and a 1992 3000GT. Performance is only one part of the Mitsubishi story, however; off-roading is another, and there are several SUVs to choose from. Mitsubishi is selling a 1987 short-wheelbase Shogun, which was sold as the Montero in the United States, a 2000 Shogun, and an L200 Desert Warrior pickup. Our favorite of the lot is a 1983 Jeep J27, which, as its name implies, was produced under license from Willys. It was given a full restoration in the 2000s.

Mitsubishi is also selling a 7/10-scale replica of the Model A. Finally, it's letting go of numerous personalized plates, and it's parting with a 2015 Outlander finished in Glacier Blue and showing approximately 1,800 miles.

Bidding started on April 1, 2021, and each auction is scheduled to end on April 30, 2021. If you want to bag one of Mitsubishi's classics, visit the Auto Auction website to place a bid and keep your fingers crossed. The collection is located in England, but many of the cars are old enough to be imported to America and registered in most states.

Faced with billions in losses, Mitsubishi initially wanted to stop selling cars in every European market, but it changed its mind with help from sister companies Renault and Nissan. It will instead remain in a handful of countries, where it will sell a pair of Renault-badged and -built models that haven't been unveiled yet starting in 2023. Read more at: Best Sport Cars