Opinion: Breen finally gets well-deserved WRC seat

Posted in CAR NEWS on October 21, 2021

Being a late developer isn’t without precedent. A couple of decades ago, there was another driverwho didn’t start his proper career until age 31, with a few similarities to Breen: a strong family background in rallying, a humble approach and a reputation for being on the fringes until it all finally came spectacularly good.

That man was Marcus Grönholm, unexpectedly brought in as lead driver for his and Peugeot’s first full season in 2000 with the stunning 206 WRC. That year, he went on to win the championship.

How it works: Pirelli's intermediate Formula 1 tyre

Formula 1’s inbetweener tyre usually makes only cameo appearances in the odd wet-dry grand prix each season. But at the recent Turkish Grand Prix, conditions remained mixed enough for Pirelli’s green-walled intermediate to prove just the thing for the duration. By nature, it’s a versatile tyre with a tread pattern that can be used for a track that’s wet but has no standing water as well as on a drying surface.

Each intermediate tyre evacuates 30 litres of water per second at 185mph and is made up of a compound that’s designed to expand the working range within the crossover period from conditions being suitable for slicks or full wets.

It’s a durable tyre, too: Alpine’s Esteban Ocon managed what Mercedes-AMG’s Lewis Hamilton wanted by completing the race on one set of tyres – a feat not achieved since Mika Salo finished fifth for Tyrrell at Monaco in 1997.

Motorsport greats: Innes Ireland

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