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Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Posted in CAR NEWS on May 13, 2022

The W206-generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a transitional car for one of the world’s founding car makers, and yet it remains singularly important. It will be the first C-Class not to offer multi-cylinder combustion engines, for example, but also one of the last new Mercedes models of any series not to be engineered for all-electric power. Needless to say, that doesn’t mean it won’t be ‘electrified’. In fact, Stuttgart is aiming to attract particular attention, and Read More »

Mazda CX-60 Plug-in Hybrid 2022

Posted in CAR NEWS on April 27, 2022

Inside, it doesn’t stray too far from the Mazda template. Touchscreens are mercifully absent, with physical controls for both the climate control and 12.3in infotainment - the latter controlled via a rotary dial/buttons set-up. It’s so sensible that it does make you question the logic of German rivals from VW et al. The CX-60 is effortlessly easy to use. Rear leg room is marginally up on the Mazda CX-5 sibling, as you’d expect in a car Read More »

Lucid Air 2022 review

Posted in CAR NEWS on April 26, 2022

On tricky, rough country roads that mimic ours, the Air struggled with brisk changes of direction and frequently scuffed its chin on bumps in even its firmest of damper settings. Luckily, the steering is sharp and precise and damping otherwise generally impressive. Lucid also has a fix for the iffy ride, currently developing new air springs to replace its steel springs that should help the Air close the gap between it and the S-Class. Three diving Read More »

Mercedes-AMG GT63 S E Performance

Posted in CAR NEWS on April 19, 2022

What you do feel, though, is pronounced sensitivity on coarse surfaces. Large contact patches and resulting tyre roar can take the edge off the otherwise impressive touring qualities on less-than-smooth roads. The steering is very responsive off centre, giving the PHEV an inherent sharpness very similar in character to its ICE sibling. For such a big and heavy car, it changes direction eagerly and incisively. There’s typical heft to the electromechanical system and some welcome feedback, Read More »

Twisted T90 EV Defender

Posted in CAR NEWS on April 17, 2022

Engineered by Dutch electronics specialists Plower, the Twisted EV Defender conversion effectively swaps out the standard car’s gearbox (upstream of the old-school four-wheel drive system) for a 268bhp electric motor, and fills the space where its engine and fuel tank would have otherwise been with liquid-cooled lithium ion batteries and power electronics.  If you have a T90 short-wheelbase car, you get 61kWh of battery capacity and an advertised 140 miles of range (and end up with Read More »

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Posted in CAR NEWS on April 15, 2022

Welcome, then, to the return of the self-styled ‘best car in the world’, this time for the seventh occasion since 1972, when Mercedes-Benz first used the S-Class name. Naturally, like every new S-Class, this is the most advanced car Mercedes has made. Or is it? Because for the first time, the top-billing limousine in the line-up at Stuttgart has some internal competition, in the form of the Mercedes-Benz EQS, which aims to do everything the S-Class can do, Read More »

Aston Martin DBX 707

Posted in CAR NEWS on April 12, 2022

The chassis is comfortably able to handle all that extra performance, too. The test roads we encountered in Sardinia are surely some of the best in Europe: wide enough to accommodate such a big and heavy car, interesting and twisty enough to make you want to turn around and attack the road again, and challenging enough, with surface changes, crests and cambers, to really expose a chassis not up to the task. The DBX 707 is a joy Read More »

Mercedes-Benz EQE

Posted in CAR NEWS on April 12, 2022

The EQE does luxury very well indeed on the move. On those air springs, it’s remarkably quiet-riding and well isolated, both in town and out of it, and cocooning from wind noise. Cushioned and supple, it dealt with inner-city Frankfurt’s tram rails and expansion joints really effortlessly in Comfort driving mode. Filtered but still intuitive-feeling steering makes it surprisingly wieldy and easy to place in traffic, too, and body control and handling agility are both tidy enough Read More »

Volkswagen Transporter

Posted in CAR NEWS on April 8, 2022

The increasing prevalence of bolder sport styling on new commercial vehicles might simply be evidence that vans, lorries and pick-up trucks inevitably follow where market trends for passenger cars lead. This week’s road test subject, however, suggests that something more interesting could be afoot. Some buyers of these super-functional, hard-working utility vehicles might be ready for more serious pseudo-performance van derivatives, right out of the showroom, than they have hitherto been offered. They might even be Read More »

Land Rover Range Rover

Posted in CAR NEWS on April 6, 2022

I still think so after a drive in a new P400 LWB and then a long SV model, trying it in both the back and the front seats. Every variant that I tried had 23in rims shod with 285/40 tyres.  Starting with the LWB, though, is a little inauspicious. Its issues are twofold. For one, if you’re in the back, I’m not sure the ride is up to the job. It’s mostly flat and contained Read More »

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