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Toyota GR Yaris Morizo Selection learns as it goes

Posted in REVIEWS on June 7, 2021
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The Toyota GR Yaris forbidden-in-the-U.S. world rally homologation special is getting yet another tweak that makes it even more desirable. Its trick feature is periodically updated software that will improve the driving experience as you spend more time driving the car. However, there's a catch. The feature, and indeed the whole car, is only available through a subscription service. In addition to its battles on the rally circuit, the GR Yaris is being campaigned by Read More »

Toyota GR Corolla hot hatch could pack a lot more power than expected

Posted in REVIEWS on April 22, 2021

Rumors surrounding Toyota's upcoming Corolla-based hot hatch are getting louder on a monthly basis. While the model hasn't been officially announced yet, the latest round of reports claims it will be more powerful than expected. As we previously reported, most sources agree the GR Corolla — which will be positioned above the rally-bred GR Yaris in Toyota's hot hatch pecking order — will eschew hybrid technology and instead receive its smaller sibling's power-dense three-cylinder engine. Read More »