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2004-2011 Mazda RX-8 | Used Vehicle Spotlight

Posted in REVIEWS on September 7, 2021
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There are a lot of good, well-documented reasons not to buy a used Mazda RX-8. We'll briefly mention a couple of them before moving on to why those real problems might not mean Mazda's last rotary sports car is a bad used-vehicle purchase. First, due to the Wankel engine's design, all RX-8s are designed to burn a small amount of oil while running, which isn't something many owners have been trained to expect. Second, in Read More »

1995-2005 Chevrolet Astro | Used Vehicle Spotlight

Posted in REVIEWS on August 24, 2021

We often use this space to highlight fun or quirky options in the hopes that we can help enthusiasts make choices that will scratch a weird-car itch, but even among the strange, the Chevrolet Astro and GMC Safari (we'll refer to them collectively as the "Astro" for simplicity here) is a bit of an odd duck. This six- or eight-passenger van (a cargo model was sold too) wasn't quite a full-sized van, nor was it Read More »

1982-1986 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible | Used Vehicle Spotlight

Posted in REVIEWS on August 18, 2021
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As a child growing up in the 1980s, I am intimately familiar with the Chrysler K-car platform. Much has been written about how this era-defining unibody came to be, how it ultimately proved a stunning success and saved the company from the brink of economic disaster, so there's no need to rehash all of that history here. Suffice it to say, though, that the platform was so ubiquitous that for a couple of decades you Read More »

2006-2010 Mazda5 | Used Vehicle Spotlight

Posted in REVIEWS on August 3, 2021
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The discontinued Mazda5 is a type of vehicle that simply no longer exists in the U.S. There are still plenty of minivans out there, but the Mazda5’s small footprint and car-like styling push it into the compact minivan category. Every other family-centered van available these days is gigantic with a heavy focus on sprawl and maximum space. Meanwhile, Mazda’s description of its Mazda5 is far more skewed to talking up its driving dynamics and handling Read More »

1987-1996 Ford Bronco | Used vehicle spotlight

Posted in REVIEWS on July 20, 2021
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We hope you're prepared to see a whole lot of new Ford Broncos — two-doors, four-doors, Sasquatches and Outer Banks — coming and going on the road over the next several months. But this big influx of off-roaders from the Blue Oval isn't really anything new. In fact, the new-for-2021 Bronco is actually sixth generation of the model line. It all started back in 1966 with a barebones machine designed to take on the likes Read More »

2010-2013 Suzuki Kizashi | Used Vehicle Spotlight

Posted in REVIEWS on June 29, 2021

Kizashi! It’s just fun to say. It means something along the lines of “Something great is coming,” an omen I remember fondly from 2009, when the 2010 Suzuki Kizashi midsize sedan was introduced to North America. When it did arrive, it impressed. It didn’t set the world on fire or anything, but it was an entertaining, well-executed sedan that didn’t look exactly like everything else on the road. It didn’t look weird, just neat. It Read More »

2010-2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class | Used Vehicle Spotlight

Posted in REVIEWS on June 22, 2021

Before Mercedes-Benz reconfigured its SUV lineup with naming conventions following the same pattern as its cars — before the GLA, GLC, GLE and GLS — there was a humble compact crossover called the GLK. Stylish and boxy, the GLK-Class offered an affordable entry into the Mercedes ute lineup. The GLK 350 was offered with a V6 and either two- and all-wheel-drive layouts, while the 250 BlueTEC offered a torquey diesel turbo-four. The GLK was relatively Read More »

2003-2006 Subaru Baja | Used Vehicle Spotlight

Posted in REVIEWS on June 15, 2021
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In case you hadn't noticed, there's a resurgence of interesting new car-based pickup trucks about to hit the market. The Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz are set to join the Honda Ridgeline to offer unique takes on the softer, more manageable truck formula. But history is actually full of carlike pickups, from the old Ford Ranchero and Chevy El Camino to the less widely remembered Dodge Rampage. Of course there have been others, but Read More »

2003-2011 Honda Element | Used Vehicle Spotlight

Posted in REVIEWS on May 25, 2021
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The early 2000s brought about a few interesting design trends, and one of the most unusual was the fascination with boxes. The Scion xB kickstarted the fad in America, and hot on its heels was the significantly larger subject of today's spotlight, the Honda Element. The Element was based on a concept called the Model X that was shown at the 2001 Detroit Auto Show, and aside from the retractable rear roof section like that Read More »

Best Used SUV buys for $15,000 | Used Vehicle Spotlight

Posted in REVIEWS on May 11, 2021

If the last several years worth of automotive sales data has proven anything, it's that lots of buyers want to park a shiny new crossover or SUV in their driveways. But not everyone can afford to pay over $40,000 for the 'ute of their dreams. Thankfully, the popularity of utility vehicles means there are plenty of good choices on the used vehicle market. We've assembled a list of solid used SUV and crossover options for Read More »