Top 10 Best Performance Cars Under $100k

Posted in Featured, REVIEWS on October 19, 2020

If you think the best, most fun performance cars on the market are out of your price range, think again: from the Dodge Viper to the Tesla S 90D to the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S, you can drive home some of the fastest cars and some of the most exotic cars on the market - even if your car-buying budget is under $100,000. WatchMojo takes a look at ten fun-to-drive performance vehicles you can buy for less than $100,000.

Top 10 Best Performance Cars Under $100k

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00:41 #10: Mercedes-AMG C 63 S - $73,250

01:23 #9: BMW M2 - $51,700

02:11 #8: Cadillac CTS-V - $83,995

02:49 #7: Dodge Viper - $95,895

03:31 #6: Tesla Model S 90D - $79,000

04:18 #5: Alfa Romeo 4C - $55,900

05:02 #4: Jaguar F-Type Coupe - $61,400

05:41 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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These cars were built for breaking speed laws not the bank.

today we're counting down our picks for the top ten performance cars you can get for less than $100,000. For this list we're keeping the rules of the road simple any car is eligible as long as it's fast and crosses the line with a base-model price tag of less than a hundred thousand US dollars

number 10 the mercedes AMG c63s

73,000 two hundred and fifty dollars

borrowing its raison d'être from its big

brother's the e and s-class this sedan

is the mob boss in a pinstripe suit it's

smooth cool and sophisticated but don't

be fooled it's also got muscle the 469

horses from a four liter twin-turbo v8

to be exact as the brand name suggests

the amalgamation of luxury and power is

unprecedented and with Mercedes AMG

cleaning up at Formula One in recent

years this is one car you do not want to

see in your rear view mind you it likely

won't be there for long number nine the

BMW M 250 $1,700 if you ask some gear

heads late model BMW seem to have traded

drivability for good stats but this is

so not the case with the m2 the coupe is

a return to form for Bavarian motor

works it's light agile body and

incredible predictability make it a

pleasure to drive and with 365

horsepower and a zero to 60 mile per

hour time of just over four seconds the

m2 has plenty of pleasure to offer sure

it's less than perfect in some areas for

example its driver's seat isn't exactly

in line with the rest of the car but

this BMW is definitely an ultimate

driving machine number 8 the Cadillac

cts-v eighty three thousand nine hundred

and ninety five dollars for decades

Germany has dominated the powerful sedan

market you may have even seen some of

them on today's list but while American

sedans have a certain land yacht

reputation Cadillac cts-v is a wolf in

sheep's clothing with 640 horsepower for

doors and looks that stopped just short

of being flashy this car will take you

from zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.7

seconds and if you leave your foot on

the gas you'll find yourself in the 200

mile-per-hour Club couple that power and

speed with competitive handling and dust

German automakers had better watch their

backs number seven the Dodge Viper

ninety five thousand eight hundred and

ninety five dollars barely fitting the

for this list this legendary sports car

strives to be as purely American as a

car can be it's big its brash and it's

645 horsepower it's got way too much

power coming out of its massive 8.4

litre v10 of course you may find the

Viper a bit of a handful to drive but

what can we say the more agile

track-focused models were too expensive

for this list but if the base model is

still a little rich for your blood

there's always the $50,000 Dodge

Challenger SRT Hellcat with its own

mammoth 707 horsepower plant number six

the Tesla Model S 90 D $79,000

you don't need gasoline and exhaust to

get serious feed the 90d variant of

Tesla's Model S will hit 60 miles per

hour in less than 4.5 seconds which

makes it competitive with just about any

car on this list but there are even more

advantages that come with an electric

powertrain for one you don't have to

wait until maximum revs to get peak

performance you get it the moment your

foot hits the floor in with no gears to

shift through that acceleration

continues until you run out of Road

and/or power whichever comes first

so if you happen to think combustion

engines are going the way of the

wood-paneled station wagon you're not

there is a solution and its name is

Tesla number five the Alfa Romeo 4c 50

$5,900 the formula for speed is quite

simple stiff body plus power minus

weight equals zoom no one knows this

better than Alfa Romeo the four C's 237

horsepower one point seven liter

four-cylinder engine may not seem like

much at first but then you realize that

the car is made out of mostly carbon

fibre and is an extremely light 1973

pounds what that means is its power to

weight ratio is insane pair that with a

mid-engine layout for maximum weight

distribution and you get one of the

sportiest and most gorgeous cars you can

drive today number four the Jaguar

f-type coupe sixty one thousand four

hundred dollars if you want to talk

about car companies with legacy it's

hard not to mention

Jaguar fortunately jag has no trouble

delivering a sports car for the ages

that simultaneously honors its heritage

so what makes a sports car noise check

power chef looks check and mate the 375

brake horsepower v6 should not leave you

wanting more when it comes to power and

if you happen to live in an area where

the Sun shines on occasion then the

convertible model may be right up your


but in terms of performance you're

better off with the coupe number three

the ford mustang shelby gt350r

sixty one thousand seven hundred and

ninety five dollars in an era when the

muscle car has become a rare breed Ford

and Shelby have not only created one of

the best ever they've changed the game

the latest Mustang is nothing to scoff

at but Shelby has worked to create one

of the greatest drivers cars of all time

upgrading to a 5.2 liter flat plane

crank v8 the GT 350 has the power to

match its insane looks the 350 R model

stands out especially because it's

dumped most of its pesky weight making

it great on the road phenomenal on the

track and all in all an unbridled

driving experience in that exhaust note

that is the way cars were meant to sound

number two the Porsche 911 Carrera 80

$9,400 Porsche strives to be the last

word in performance engineering if you

must go ahead and ask a 911 enthusiast

to explain to you why the 911 is the

greatest car of all time just make sure

you don't have plans for the rest of the

night because you're gonna be there for

a while so why isn't it number one on

our list because for the base price of

almost 90 grand you get a car and that's

about it if you want a good sound system

an upscale coat of paint or any other

options you're gonna find yourself

clearing 100 grand very quickly now sure

you could cheap out and get a Cayman but

the legacy of the 911 is unrivaled and

it has easily earned its place on our

list before our number one picks zooms

on to the podium here are some honorable



number one the Chevrolet Corvette zo6

eighty thousand three hundred and ninety

five dollars when it comes to the

supercar European automakers have long

dominated the sphere with the United

States struggling to match the

continents sophistication craftsmanship

and performance no longer is that the

case however after more than 60 years in

the biz Chevrolet has changed the

narrative boasting a zero to sixty mile

per hour time of about three seconds and

some seriously impressive handling

capabilities the latest iteration of the

Corvette was built to rival the likes of

Porsche mercedes-benz and the Nissan GTR

the Camaro zl1 was also a serious

contender for this list but in the

Corvette's price range you will not find

a finer performance vehicle on the

planet do you agree with our list

what bargain performance cars are your

favorite for more entertaining top 10s

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