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oh my god

the color i miss the color is amazing

the main idea behind this car is that

it's like

a supercar for all terrain

so you can drive it off-road look how

massive the

uh the wheels are right so they're


and then look how thick the tires are so

this is actually

the same kind of tire you would have on

your g wagon oh okay

you know these are the tail lights so


uh brake light and reverse light okay

we've got the f1

brake light here which is kind of cool

peep in through here ibrahim

yeah i can see your hand even your head

we can

so it has little wings on the roof

that's kind of cool right

oh my god here's the deal with the top

kind of winglets

getting into a supercar is never easy

you have to seriously like duck and kind

of maneuver your way in right

with this it gives you so much height

that you don't have to duck so you can

get in easier

and then these ones if you press this

button here this will actually

close it and open it so it's got five

about 540 horsepower

a range of 350 kilometers

oh my god oh look at that

oh my gosh isn't that mad

look at what we're seeing

and then look at what happens with the

helmet come here guys

so when you've got this on this connects

into here

you see so that the oxygen and the

and the water is fed to you as you're

racing and then do you have a like a

push to drink button somewhere over here

this one's for drinking that one over

there and obviously the oxygen

like you have to keep that going the

whole time you can't just like this like

bottom to turn it off

when you've got the canopy down you

obviously got to breathe somehow right

so they thought well why not feed the

oxygen into the helmet

that's pretty and then you've got the

tank here you see here just behind the

that's the tank this is a slot for your


that then goes in the center of the

wheel in the center of the steering


yeah this is how it should be this is

how it should be right

that way you can watch supercar blondie

videos while you're driving of course

because this is quite cool look how it

opens up on both sides here of the of

the cabin

so this goes all the way down to the

back there and on this side the same

thing the batteries on this car

are just here in this center cabin all

the way down

and these kind of air tunnels on the

side they're there for aerodynamics but

also to cool the batteries

this tail fin here will light up this is

going to be

a display so that you can put your name

your team's name on it you can put your

fastest lap time on the back whatever

you want really


look at these light sequin guys

how cool is that the x is from its

racing days

now come check this out right here

you have little iphones

that come out and this is actually your

lap timer

so you can check how fast you go around

the race track this right here

you've got leather straps and that's

from the old days

where racing cars needed them to hold

down the hood

now come check this out i love these


you got fiberglass on top here and all

of these holes it's quite a unique


now the back look at this beauty

isn't this gorgeous with these l-shaped


and all this carbon fiber look at it

it's everywhere

wow all right no doors

this is called a bone switch and you

turn this on

and look at this how cool is that so

that starts flashing

red green and yellow this is actually

the gear

selector and then this here this lever

this is to go up a gear and down a gear

all right oh that's easy

easy much easier than a lot of other

concept cars i've been in

oh man what you can see here is they've

totally divided

the driver's side so you see this big

divider here coming down the middle

to the passenger side

wait wait you've heard nothing yet

hello how freaking cool is that it's got

like a whip

and then a deep growl

your camera is shaking oh my goodness

that sounds

amazing you guys this is a concept car

that sounds like that

are you kidding me

all right

this car does something that you've

never seen a car

do before watch what happens

boom now you have an elongated version

of the same car

that's crazy so now what you can do is

you can fit in a

whole extra battery pack their idea is

they would have these little platforms

renault platforms around the city where

you just drive onto the platform

in a matter of seconds your battery pack

will be placed into the car

and off you go again which gives you

more power and extra range

it goes from 400 kilometer range to 700

kilometer range

this whole part has extended out which

gives you more legroom

for the passengers backseat passengers

and now you can fit in

two more suitcases in the back this is a

car from renault as you can see here

and it's actually called morpheus see

how they have this really bright yellow

color here they've done that on purpose


that's the way you can see that this car

actually moves

if everything was in silver or black you

would never notice that

the tail end moves at all same with this

thing here this comes out and then


when the back end moves in they actually

have a ruler here on top of the car

that shows you just how much it's

extended by this

front section extends by 25 centimeters

and then the back extends by another 15

centimeter how you get into this car

it has facial recognition that's this

bit right here

and then it also has gesture control to

open up the door so you just got to do


we'll open up the back because this is

quite cool they're using this kind of

graphic art again here inside if you

look at the floor

from this direction my direction you've

got a black floor

and then you go around the other way and

you've got a completely yellow floor

on top they're actually made of recycled

yogurt cups look what

happens to the front passenger seat

it's now facing the back passengers


so the wood kind of like sucks your

phone into the car

which is quite cool i've never seen that

happen before either so what happens is

it recognizes your phone

and then this whole front panel opens up

so you can either have it in this very

discreet kind of form with nothing there

or this

you've got multiple screens in front of


now this actually connects to your

calendar and your agenda in your

phone and it then knows exactly what

you're doing

that day this is the steering wheel it

looks kind of cool it's got these little


kind of star trek lights everything can

be controlled on the steering wheel

you've got

nothing else here other than your phone

and that's it just an accelerator and a

brake pedal okay off we go

the floor's a bit squeaky because we're

in a design studio

but we're heading outside now


here we go here we go let's have a look


what we've got

now you won't see this steering wheel in

a racing cone

in the 70s look at this

look how tiny it is and this is really

cool this kind of like

draw this it draws you in

all the way down here to your little

screen here at the front

and then you've got this big screen here

all the way across the front dash

they've got the

picture of the track here laguna seca

track because in 75

they won and that was the first year

that they actually took the csl

over into the u.s market to race this

fire extinguisher here

would push the extinguishing component

straight through into the engine in

front of you

and you just do that with the switch

here and this one here is

the power kill switch so you've got

those kind of racing elements to the car

as well

you've got the helmets here in the back

all right and i think everyone just

wants to hear what it sounds like

right because we do the exhaust is on

that side

ready ready ready

oh man



this is pretty cool this is a concept

car with 500 horsepower





how's it look


this is the mercedes maybach vision

six cabriolet so why

is it called the vision six see look six


because this car is actually six meters

long that is a really really long car

cabriolet here on the back

convertible you see the back here it

kind of looks like a yacht

they wanted that kind of feeling like

this kind of very

relaxed stately feel

you've got the classic maybach uh front

grille here

with the pinstripes this is meant to

remind you of like a pinstripe

suit and then you've got these beautiful

like cat eyes here

on the other side look we opened the

door here

with this little button that comes out

and then

in the interior here you've got all of

these rose gold accents

and look at how you've got these little

mercedes badges

here on the seat and they all light up

that's quite beautiful isn't it

it's a two-seater it's meant to be

driven it's not the kind of maybach

that you get chauffeured in inside is

like quite high-tech

with all of the lights here running

through the center console it's like

pumping the energy

through the center of the car here all

the way back

and then this is all going to be a


all the way along here all the way

through to the front

showing you what's happening out in

front of you you know you can also

interact with the car as well it has a

virtual concierge

fictional stats they're looking at four

electric motors

um providing about 750 horsepower zero

to 100 in under 4 seconds

and the range would be just over 200


you're never gonna look at a citron the

same way again i promise

all right

never seen these people

this sounds nothing like you're

expecting okay

it looks really really really freaking


all right open i kind of got this like

butterfly door

and then i'm gonna get in all right

oh wow okay

all right so what stands out first is

obviously the copper here the copper

detail inside

you've got these kill switches here so

that's what actually turns off the


and this up here is what you've got to

press to put it in first gear right so

it's like a little safety feature

we've got our racing seat belts because

this car was made to

race clutch break and these ones up

okay okay and then both then both of


okay are you ready all right

all right guys so we're going to turn it

put it in first gear right now i'm going

to press the safety button and the first


and here we are okay look first gear

shows up here all right

and that's it and off we go okay

here we go




wow now this is something special you

guys this is the bugatti atlantic

the secret bugatti that was never made

take a look at this


you got butterfly doors and then

look at what happens in the back

look at this look you've got special


suitcases here in the back imagine

walking around with this baby

and then this time as well i don't want

to put it on the floor because it's a

bit wet but you see how it rolls here

it's a fully rollable suitcase what

they've done

is for the first time they've moved

the engine right so in a shiron and

veyron you have a mid-engine car which

basically means the engine is here

behind the front seats in this one

they've moved the engine to the front

now you've got this long nose here to

fit the engine

and this would actually have a different

engine to the chiron or the veyron this

would have a

twin turbo v8 but the interesting thing


is that the whole drivetrain is


so that you can choose between a twin

turbo v8

or a fully electric

bugatti atlantic take a look inside

look at this it's a massive door but


half of the roof opens up as well so you

can easily slide in and out of the car

we're gonna get oh you know what i'll

get in now why not

why not this is my first little sit

in this incredible car

all right look here it says atlantic

this is a pretty standard bugatti uh

steering wheel you see something very

similar in the chiron with the engine

start button here

chassis number one oh

man if this came to be wow we'd see this

on the roads that's awesome

look at this very very thin center

console here as well

that looks freaking cool that's

all open up underneath here look at this

it's see-through with a little bugatti

logo in there

that's a really nice design feature


wow watch what the bat does



guys what have you ever seen anything

like that before in your life look at

all of these

individual kind of um i suppose hairs

they could be

described as hairs or scales it becomes

a creature right

it's almost like when you pat a cat it

kind of responds with its back arched

and it's and it's

hairs like stand on end that is what's

happening right now it's become its own


when you're in driving mode these will

all kind of face down like this and the

lights will be blue but then as soon as

you break

you see what happened then it kind of

acts as

an air brake that all kind of goes up

against the

the airflow and it turns red

and then when you're going around

corners it will kind of move

with the vehicle so all of this look at

this look at this

that's crazy what happens is the faster

you go the faster the lights

start moving along this panel here at

the back

there is the charging mode tool if we do

the charging mode

see when the car charges it looks like

the energy goes in

right indicators on the wheel indicators

i've never seen that turn indicator well

that's so cool

all these materials are vegan this


interior is made out of non-animal

products when you put your hand here on

the car it responds to your hand

look at that and look it starts


your heartbeat it will actually pulsate

with you and it will project onto your


scan your veins and your heart and

know exactly which person is sitting in

in this

i suppose you call it the driver's seat

but it's not really

there's no like traditional functions

here there's no steering wheel there's

no kind of like display right in front

of you telling you all the stats etc

so it pops out and then now you can

actually control the car

with this you just turn it right you

turn the wheel with this

you see that and then you can actually

move this car

wait this is the crazy bit guys this car

moves sideways

so all the wheels will face one

direction and kind of it will

kind of creep along like a crab in every


piece of this car in the way that moves

the way that it feels the way that it


it is a creature


side view

that might give you a hint

holy ah this is the first time i'm

seeing it in real life you guys

oh wow what

oh my goodness oh


oh my god you guys oh my god

we got to get this thing off the truck

so you can see what i see

this is madness

oh my god what

holy moly

i'm glad i wore my fancy shoes for this


although nothing can on stage this car

look at that y line on the back

holy mackerel this is not the coolest

car you've ever seen

so this is the lambo v12

vision gran turismo



i love these tail lights isn't that


with the y lamborghini

line it's just so prominent it takes up

the whole

back wing i love that and then what i

also love

you've got these hexagonal exhaust tips

here but what i love is this whole pipe

runs all the way through and you can see

that into

what is a naturally aspirated v12

so you see this right here this

stands for super capacitor so this drive

train is based on the sion

so it has the same drivetrain as that

car these

fenders here you see how they're

separated from the body and this is


that is awesome love love love and as

you can see it's a one seater

so the driver's straight in the middle

there and what is also super cool like

he just has a

like there's just a head he doesn't have

a body it's just a head

and then that head is looking at this

really cool digital display

everything's being projected onto this

like glass

section here in the middle you've got

the special racing suspension

this is so freaking insane isn't that

you can see all the way through

the side of the car here and then you've

got this super

low front lip all that made out of

carbon fiber and this actually

opens like a jet fighter so the whole

canopy opens which is super cool

and you've got the petrol that goes in

here the benzene

you've got these beautiful rose gold

accents here and

on the wheel don't you just love this

this is beautiful

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