Used buying guide: Nissan Patrol GR

Posted in CAR NEWS on September 20, 2021

Then in 2003, the short-wheelbase Patrol GR was dropped and the trim levels were tweaked, with generously equipped SVE (foglights, leather seats and a sunroof) replacing SE.

The 2005 facelift ushered in a new but very similar-looking body, a refreshed interior and more standard kit. It also brought an end to the turbo trouble that can plague earlier 3.0 Di examples.

That aside, the Patrol GR is reliable. Servicing is reasonably cheap and straightforward, especially on the 2.8-litre models, while parts availability from third-party suppliers such as Japanese 4x4 Spares is excellent.

There’s a strong club scene, too, so you will never be short of technical support and advice. For a tough, no-nonsense off-roader at a fair price, then, the Patrol GR is hard to beat.

An expert’s view - Zac Dowen, Nissan 4x4 Owners Club: “I grew up in a family of Land Rover enthusiasts but, having seen the grief they suffered, I decided to buy Japanese. I had a Nissan Terrano for a time, then changed it for a Patrol. It was a far better off-roader straight out of the box, with solid live axles front and rear and a centre differential lock.

I prefer the 2.8-litre engine to the later 3.0-litre, which isn’t so reliable. In fact, one of my two Patrols was a 3.0-litre until I changed its engine – that’s how much I prefer it! The Patrol is a fine, well-made utilitarian vehicle that’s fit for purpose. It has motorsport pedigree, too, having competed successfully in the Paris-Dakar Rally.” Read more at: Best Sport Cars